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Tearful sowing turns into joyful harvest!

Verse for Today: Saturday, February 18, 2012

Psalms 126:6 – He who goes out weeping, carrying seeds to sow will return with songs of joy carrying sheaves with him.

The burdens and tears of the sower as he goes out to sow the seeds are phenomenal. Often he is alone with no one to sympathize with him. He goes out carrying the heavy burden of the ministry in his heart. His tears irrigate the soil and his seeds are sowed with the hope of a harvest. He knows that he has some time to wait for the seeds to grow and bring forth yield. His life is centered around the hope that the seeds that he sows will brings forth sheaves. At the sowing season, he undergoes the pain of expectancy and waiting. People will be happy to see his sheaves and join in the harvest, but none would be with him as he undergoes the pain of carrying burdens and the resultant tears. Sowing is a time of loneliness and misery which no one understands. As we all go through a time of sowing in our ministries, we have special burdens and pain. We have to watch to make sure that our field is kept soaked in tears. If we do not keep the soil soaked, it will become parched and will dry up the seeds. The seeds that we sow might be eaten by birds. We have to guard our crops from being eaten away by wild or domestic animals. This is true whether our field is our personal testimony, our families or our churches. We are called upon to sow the seeds, soak the fields with tears and guard the fields from intruders. It requires a lot of patience and expectancy. Our encouragement comes from the hope that is embodied in the seed that we sow that it will germinate, grow and bring forth several folds of yield. Today we might be discouraged and disillusioned with the pain of tilling, sowing and irrigating. But our hope about the harvest will keep the process of cultivating joyful. One of these days, the harvest will be announced when we will be able to find the results of our hard work and toil in the field of the Lord and will be able to sing joyful songs because the Master of the Fields gives us a bountiful harvest.

Dear reader, are you discouraged today because of the pain and misery of sowing seeds in the most unfavorable weather and environment? Often the enemy of the Master will whisper in our ears that our toil is in vain and that there will be no yield for our toils and tears. But remember that the seed and the field belong to the Master who has implanted life in the seed. It will not come back void, but will bring forth results in due season. Perhaps your field is badly parched which would require you to cry more to soak it. Many fields have hard and impenetrable soil which demands more tears to drench it. We need a lot of patience to handle our fields. More tears shed will better prepare our fields. Our seeds also need to be soaked so that it will germinate sooner. But all of these patient and painful experiences will be rewarded with a splendid harvest. Our Lord will wipe our tears away from our eyes and help us to see a harvest. But it will only commensurate with the extent to which we toil in the field. The more tears we shed, the greater will be the yield. If we ignore the field, it will bring forth very little yield. Let us sow the seeds of grace, love, patience and compassion. If we sow thorns and thistles, we will only reap thorns and thistles. If we sow seeds of envy, competition, conflict, resentment, partiality, arrogance and pride, we will reap these in due season which will increase our tears rather then bring forth joy. Let us today sow the seeds of the Master in His field and wait with great expectancy to reap several folds so that we can carry the sheaves on our shoulders with joyful songs in our hearts.

2 Corinthians 9:6 – Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

Thought for Today

The pain, tears and misery of sowing will be transformed into a splendid harvest of joy which will deepen our humility.

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