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Verse for Today: Thursday, May 12, 2011
John 21:12 – Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast”.

Our faithlessness, doubt or backsliding does not mean that we will be forsaken by the Lord. He knows our weaknesses and comes after us to strengthen us and to bring us back to His fold. He is the Lord who seeks that which is lost and gone astray. He sympathizes with us when we are weak in faith. He understands that we are simply dust and have a weak mind which is susceptible to doubt and confusion about our faith. Knowing this well, our Lord shows His ever flowing compassion by being with us all the time. He understands our weak frame and comes to our rescue when our hearts are unsettled. Jesus knew the mental condition of His disciples after His crucifixion and resurrection. Even after seeing the resurrected Lord, their minds were deeply sunk in discouragement and disillusionment about their bleak future without Jesus with them. They went backsliding and decided to go back to their old profession of fishing. But even in such a situation, the Lord was not willing to forsake them or leave them behind. His love followed them to the lake where they were trying to do things without Him. But the love of Jesus was unwilling to leave them alone, but to help them out in their endeavor, thereby proving to them once again that without Him, they couldn’t do any thing. When they were tired and hungry, He prepared food for them and invited them to dine and rest. He knew their needs and ministered unto them according to their needs rather than scolding them for their unbelief. This Jesus is with us today to sympathize with us in our mental and physical condition and to help us revive our sagging spirits.

Dear friend, are you baffled in your heart today because of your challenging situations? Is your faith shaken because your horizon looks utterly bleak and hopeless? Is your situation putting doubt into your heart and confuse you in your walk with the Lord? If so, there is hope for you in the risen Lord Jesus. He comes after you today to tell you that He has already prepared everything for you to meet all your needs. If your desire is for basic needs to be met, He will help you with it far beyond your expectation. If you are physically and emotionally tired, He will give spiritual and emotional food to revive you. If you are thirsty, He will give you the living water to quench your thirst. He wants to also remind you today that the bread, fish and water that this world gives will never satisfy you, but will leave you empty and disillusioned. But the Lord Jesus is with you and His loving kindness encompasses around you. His love is continuously poured on to you. He is not coming to you to reprimand you, but to cool you down and to give you His immeasurable peace to strengthen your weak mind. The Lord wants to teach you valuable lessons to keep on trusting Him. He will do the needful to strengthen your faith and trust in Him. He will not abandon you as an orphan in a helpless and hopeless situation. Just as these tired and discouraged disciples, all you need to do is to enjoy His love and care, strengthen yourself with His resources His love and be silent in utter dismay about the way the Lord works things out to meet your every need. As you meditate in His presence, you will find the Lord ever sweeter and closer to you. Let us go to Him today and enjoy His bounty for our strength.

Matthew 11:28 – Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

Thought for Today
The God of love and mercy will minister unto us with His bountiful resources to take away our weariness in the wake of dark clouds in our horizons.

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