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True Blissfulness!
Verse for Today: Friday, September 27, 2013
Psalms 119:2 – Blessed are they who keep His statues and seek Him with all their heart.
True blessedness is the experience of a heart full of happiness which fills to overflowing. It then expresses itself into other lives around and challenges them to seek such blessedness. But there is a counterfeit blessedness which is based on things people desire and favorable situations. When our desires change as we get older, the things that give us happiness change, our situations become cluttered and plunge us into frustration. The Psalmist found out that true blessedness comes from the Living Word and the written Word of God. When we live on the basis of the written Word, our lives will be filled with the glory of Jesus who is the Living Word and thus makes us blissful. The written Word is given to us for everyday needs. The Living Word is the Spiritual bread of heaven that has come to give us total satisfaction in life. When our desires get tuned to eternal things in life, rather than the temporal which change its quality and value over a period of time, we become blissful. Things around us change, but Jesus the living Word remains changeless along with all that is seen in His written Word. When we imbibe into the written Word, we become saturated with the Living Word. As we thus get immersed in His Word, He fills our hearts and lives with His glory. He satisfies our every longing and takes our minds off the things that erode in value in our ever changing situations. When we grow in His love Him and make Him our number one priority in life, His Word becomes our guide in all our situations. This is the way to keep living a blissful and satisfying life, filled with Jesus, the Living Word and obey His written Word and its statues.
Dear reader, are you in pursuit of true blessedness in life? Blessedness doesn’t depend on things or situations which keep changing and losing its place and time value. The pseudo satisfaction that comes from possessions and circumstances will change over a period of time and will leave you with emptiness in life. If you are in the pursuit of true blessedness, you will not find it in things or situations. But it can be found if you look unto the Lord Jesus and what He has stored for you in His Word. The Word is to comfort, encourage and strengthen you to live happily in this changing world to pursue that which is stored up for you in heaven. God has called us to live such a life of eternal pursuit. He called Abraham centuries back to live such a blissful life. Abraham was able to see the fulfillment of God’s promises by faith as he kept moving forward in fulfillment of God’s promises. His faith enabled him to put all his trust and confidence in God as he lived in pursuit of the eternal and the permanent. When Abraham believed and obeyed God, he qualified to become a friend of God to whom he was able to speak face to face. God appeared to Abraham and spoke to him when the Word was not yet available in written form. Today the God of Abraham comes to us to speak through His written Word which is full of statues to govern our thoughts, aspirations, priorities, likes and dislikes. If we follow on, we would find a life of bliss and contentment. We no longer need to run after the emptiness that is built into the things, circumstances and the untrustworthy people in this world. Let us today look into the written Word and obey its statues to find a blessed life of fulfillment. 
Psalms 84:5 – Blessed are those whose strength is in You, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.
Thought for Today
When true blessedness fills our hearts, there won’t be any room left for frustration.
Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Help me today to open my mouth wide and devour your Word to satisfy my every longing and make me contented and blissful. Amen!

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