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Verse for Today: Thursday, April 18, 2013
Acts 5:19 – But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out.
One of the greatest challenges in life is the prison experiences created by our circumstances and situations to shut us in. When we are in the dungeons of difficult circumstances, our greatest consolation is that we will not be there alone permanently. For a time, we might be locked up by our dark situations and we might be plunged into distress and anguish because of lack of freedom. But we will not be there alone because our Lord will be with us to give us fellowship, assurance and peace. When we pray for a release, our God will send His angels to unshackle us. Even when it is dark, angels will come in mysterious ways at unexpected times to rescue and deliver us. The world out there doesn’t know that even when we are shackled, our message will never be under its bondage. The world doesn’t realize that our Lord is watching our situations and that He will act to deliver His children. The world has no clue as to how and when our Lord will work for us in our times in the prisons the world puts us in. They also do not understand that when they touch us, they are truly touching our Lord. He rules and overrules our situations to deliver us from our bondage. His angels are at His service on our behalf and will act at the right time. When there is darkness around us, He will shed His light into our souls to revive us from our distress and despair. Our greatest comfort today is that our God knows all about our prison experiences caused by circumstances and will come in the middle of the night to get us out. He doesn’t want us to look at the iron bars which are erected around us by the world in the dungeons and get discouraged. He doesn’t want us to be afraid because of the darkness that is around us. One of these days, there will be supernatural interference in our situations to unshackle us.

Dear friend, are you suffocating in the narrow dungeons that the world has trapped you in? Do you wonder if there is really any escape from your complicated circumstances? Are you in despair about the darkness that prevails around your prison cells? Perhaps you are in the dungeon of debt, business failure, job loss, family concerns or conflicts. You might be in the prison of misunderstanding, hatred, jealousy, false accusations, anxiety or guilt. But your Lord wants you to know that He understands your situation well. He comes to brighten your cloudy and dark situations. He sends rays of hope into your dark dungeons.  You can continue to enjoy sweet fellowship with your Lord who enriches you with His presence in your dungeons. He will show you a way out of your shackles. Thus you will be free in your soul to praise God for your situations. Like Joseph, you could then look for opportunities to touch the lives of others who are in the dungeons of their situations. You might start singing to the power of your Lord even in the middle of the night for what the Lord is going to do for you. When you endure anguish, misery and distress in the web of your circumstance, He first releases your heart so that you will bear with your dungeon joyfully as did Paul in Philippi and Rome. You will be able to enjoy the exuberance of the presence of the Lord even when your circumstances try to clamp your feet. Hang in there, dear friend, for your Lord is with you in your dungeons. The Lord has allowed prison experience in your life to teach you patience, peace, maturity and contentment.
Acts 16:26 – At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody’s chains came loose.
Thought for Today
The power of Jesus will unshackle us from the bondage of our circumstances and situations.

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