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Waiting and hoping!
Verse for Today: Friday, January 03, 2014  
Genesis 30:22a – Then God remembered Rachel.

There is a limit to what humans can do for us. They sympathize with us for a short while and then they leave us alone to suffer in our darkest valleys of life. We are often written off by others when all hope is gone. But when all others give up on us, our God visits us with His hands full of blessings to meet our needs. Rachel’s motherhood was a gone case for all. She reached a stage when no one expected her to become a mother. But when she cried in her long lonely hours, her God heard and gave her the desires of her life. God’s time for Rachel has finally arrived. She had been praying and desiring for children. She had a very difficult time to put up with the home situation when her sister had several children and she had none. She silently experienced the despising and the ridicule for a childless woman of her generation. It was a very intimidating, agonizing and depressing time for her. As years went by, she seemed to have became disillusioned and lost all hope. She even resorted to some short-cuts. But none of these satisfied her soul and she relentlessly sought after God’s help. When all hope was gone, God remembered her and gave her the desires of her heart. She had the privilege of giving birth to Joseph. Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Hanna and Elkanah and Zachariah and Elizabeth were other examples of God’s servants who prayed relentlessly for children. The Lord granted them children at His time, especially when the whole world thought that there was no hope. The God of Rachael is alive and He still answers His children’s prayers. When all hope seems gone, He comes to meet with us and fulfill our desires. When we go through the dark tunnels of life, He waits for us at the end of the tunnel with His rays of hope and light. But His presence goes with us even as we go through the dark days and years of our lives with the hope that one day, the Lord will answer our heart cries.

Dear friend, are you weary of waiting for long and passing through the valleys of pain and misery? Are you desperate for your prayers to be answered? Just hang in there and believe that God is working behind the scene to fulfill the desires of your heart. He is preparing you to receive answers by faith. When He gives, it will be far beyond your expectations. God will come to your situation to answer your cries at His perfect time. He comes when you are unable to do anything out of your abilities to solve your problems. Only when the answer is totally from God will He get all the glory for all that happens in your life. There will be no room for you to boast in any way as God’s help comes when you are totally helpless and at the pinnacle of hopelessness. God works in our lives just as He worked in the life of Rachel, Rebekah and Hanna. When all hope is gone, God comes with His answer of hope and faith. Today Rachael is remembered not only as the wife of Jacob, but as the godly mother of a godly Joseph who was used mightily by God. The God of Rachel is with you today and He remembers you. He will visit you at the right time with His answers to your longings. He will answer you and fill you with joy unspeakable. He will release you from your pain and bless you with spiritual increase in life. He will wipe your shame and embarrassment away and fill you with hope as you wait for Him by faith.  

Psalms 20:4 – May the Lord give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.
Thought for Today
It is worth waiting by faith for the best that God will give us.
Prayer for Today

Dear Lord Jesus: Give me the strength and patience to wait for Your time to give me Your best. Amen!

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