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Waiting for the Best!

Verse for Today: Friday, January 21, 2011
Psalms 130:5 – I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I put my hope.

Waiting is one of the most difficult things to do for man. He is interested in the sudden gratification of all that he wants. We live in an era of instant (fast) food and drink, fastest travel, Internet with lightening speed, iPod and the like. Man characteristically hates to wait and is impatient. At the same time, we can see that Impatience is the inability to wait which is a mark of immaturity. On the other hand, God waits and watches everything growing at its pace. He allows all things in nature to take its own time to grow, fruit and mature. Likewise, He expects man to be born and matured in time. God expects His children to wait patiently for His time to come in everything. But we are often tempted to travel ahead of God in our matters of interest. Our minds can travel very fast and we expect our bodies and businesses to also travel that fast. But God doesn’t expect us to go that fast. He wants us to grow slowly and mature by taking time to assimilate what we learn from His Word. He has trained His people to wait for His time to come in everything. God took time to give Abraham and Sarah a promised son. God gave Joseph 13 years to mature to see his dreams fulfilled. David took a long time to finally get the throne in Israel. Nehemiah took 52 days to refurbish the walls of Jerusalem. Noah kept preaching the message of warning for almost 120 years and simultaneously built the arc. Paul prayed and prayed for a long time for God to act in His ministry and in His body. As we grow and mature in the Lord and His Word, He helps us also to wait for His time. Waiting is not wasting of time, but time used in maturing in faith and trust in the Lord. Trusting God for our needs and waiting for His time is far more important than getting the needs instantly met. As we wait for the Lord, He strengthens us to put all our hope and trust in His unchanging Word. He has promised to meet our needs and will never relent. He will give it to us only when we are ready according to His assessment. He is like a benevolent father who knows what to give to His children at what age and maturity so that they will know how to use it for His glory.

Dear friend, are you feeling tired of waiting for the Lord to act in some special areas of your life? It might be in the areas of physical and emotional healing, food and shelter, family and children, ministry, employment, finances, relationships at the work place and the like. You might feel that you have prayed for a long time and that you are running out of patience. Watch out because when you run out of patience, the devil will take advantage of your unstable emotions and make you take some initiatives of your own and take action by yourself. But the Lord wants you to wait for Him. At the right time, just as He gave Isaac to Abraham, He will give you what He has promised you. But if you run ahead of God, you might end up with Ishmael. God wants you to have far more than what the eyes have seen and the ears have heard. He is preparing you to trust God for the special way by which He wants to touch your life. When He opens the package at His time, you will surely be amazed at His thoughtfulness for you. At that time you will realize that it was better that the Lord didn’t answer your prayers earlier. Perhaps you would have prayed like Elijah, but must now be feeling gratified that the Lord had not answered your prayer. This is our Lord who knows the inns and outs of all that we meddle in and do what He pleases for us for our good. He wants us to wait patiently for Him so that we can get what He has designed for us. Waiting for the Lord is our way to renew our strength, trust, faith, hope and confidence in the Lord. .

Psalms 27:14 – Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Thought for Today
Waiting for the Lord is a great spiritual exercise which strengthens our faith and confidence in the Lord.

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