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Question on help in understanding basic truth
The Mind of Christ is what and how Christ thinks about everything around Him and translates these thoughts into action. He loved us and so He gave Himself for us totally. He humbled Himself and became a servant and so He demonstrated it by washing the feet of the disciples, fed the hungry and healed the sick. He was willing to give up all His heavenly glory and live like a poor man who had no place to lay His head and never murmur about it. He obeyed the Father in everything without questioning. He always acted under the power and control of the Spirit of God. He came to serve and never expected anything in return. He accepted the needy and kept company with those whose lives needed His touch. Christ was fully in the mind of God and we can only learn from Him to renew our spirits to develop such a mind, thinking, desires and priorities. Christ’s mind was demonstrated in action and we see His divine attitude in everything that He did and said. We are to develop such a MIND by spending time with Christ, talking to Him and be under His Spirit. (Please read Philippians 2:2-7 and Hebrews 3:1). It is knowing what Christ would do in all situations and try to follow suit. When such a desire to act like Christ freely flows from our hearts, we would be close to having the mind of Christ. It is a slow process and we develop His mind as we walk with Him on a daily basis with the help of His Word and Spirit.
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