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The Roman cross goes up in air,
Hanging on it the Son of God,
Mocked Rejected, Despised by all
Marred beyond recognition.
” Father Forgive ” , was then the cry
Reaching the Great throne of God;
My head goes down & knees touch ground
As only God can say such Words.

My sins on Christ, the Son were laid,
He making them His very own;
Bore the wrath deserved for each,
For-shaken by Father in turn.
“It is finished” was then the cry,
Reaching the Great throne of God;
Since then, all my sins yea all my sins,
Are never found before His eyes.

The Almighty bows His head at Last,
Mountains quake,the veil is rent;
Hanging between God and Man,
The Sovereign breathes His last on earth.
Where oh death, your victory,
Where oh grave, your boastful power;
Not a sting to hurt me now,
Safe in the arms of Christ my Lord.

Once filthy lips, now sing Thy praise,
Once unclean hands, now raised to Thee,
Eternity may all explain,
How Thou and me should be made one.
Oh How sweet to call Thee Mine’
Abba Father, I cry out;
As I stand before Thy throne,
Impossible has been done,

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