Japan Earthquake: Death Toll Soars

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In a matter of 1 Hour, World’s 3rd Largest Economy, was devastated with an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 followed by a Tsunami.The country is still grappling with the fact that normalcy is certainly not anywhere in sight and that March 11th was just a beginning of woes.

The Death Toll which is counting at the time of writing is 4164 and is heading to count of many more thousands in the days to come.
With Explosions in Nuclear reactors, Epidemics… etc on cards, Death will continue its conquest on the land of the rising sun.

But my Friend, Death is nothing new. Death is inevitable. We must all die. One or the other time, we would all be victims this merciless enemy.

Cover up – When where we last guilty of it ?

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Cover up, … cover up is to hide from others getting to know. This term was commonly used during the 1972 water gate scandal, when the US president Nixon covered up his staff’s wrong doings
A definition that says what it better would be this – An effort or strategy of concealment

But before fingers are pointed at US president Nixon, or lately even bill Clinton etc… it would be good to see where it is found in the scripture.

Come Back To God, He Loves You!!

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There is no greater book and words written than the Holy Bible, as these are true and divine words of God. The Bile says we have all sinned and committed crimes against God. There is NO ONE who can be found holy and guiltless before God.

[Rom 5:12 “ So then, just as sin entered the world through one man and death through sin, and so death spread to all people because all sinned”]That includes you and me and all the 6 billion people worldwide who are absolutely guilty before a Holy God.

The Bible then says those who sin will be judged. That judgement is pronounced as Death and then Eternal Fire and Hell..

Gospel Call: Lord Jesus Christ loves you

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I would like to tell you about Lord Jesus Christ from the Bible which is the authenticated Word of God. Bible is God’s Word and he has revealed his plan for mankind through his word. The Bible is the only book that even claims to be the Word of God. Bible in John 1:1 claims its authenticity “In the Beginning was the word and the word was with God and the WORD was God”.