Hannah Philip- LORD JESUS WHO I WORSHIP- [Poem]

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The Lord whose name is wonderful in all the earth
The Lord known by the judgments He executes
The Lord who tests the men with His eyelids
The Lord who rains coals on the wicked
And smites the unrighteous with His power

The Lord who is the shield and our fortress
The Lord who is our rock and our comfort,
The Lord who saves His people from sin and death
The Lord who is greater than any god………………………

Joshua Rajan – GOD AND STORM [Poem]

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A foreboding feeling, A nervous abyss inside
Suddenly springing up, and I have nowhere to hide
Nothing to shelter me, No aegis in sight
Just a few moments for the storm to collide

I see the heavy black clouds gather,
I hear the vociferous howling wind blow,
Every speck the potency declaring,
Every gale resembling a mighty foe.

There goes the last golden ray of the sun,
Now vanishes the final streak of fine blue,
Despair comes and makes himself familiar
As all around turns a stronger black hue.