THE GLORY OF NEW COVENANT – John Boyd Nicholson Jr. – [Audio sermon]

Conducting a study on 2 Corinthians 3 & 4, Br. Nicholson contrasts the glories of the 2 Testaments. One that faded away like the glory on the face of Moses and the other that shone through the coming of Jesus in to this World- ‘Glory full of Grace and truth’. This glory today has God instilled in His children, in order to show that the supreme power belongs to God, not to us. And so its the Will of God for His Children to shine this glorious light out.

FULFILLING THE GREAT COMMISSION – John Boyd Nicholson Jr- [Audio sermon]

Studying from II Cor 2, Br J B Nicholson speaks on what are the effective ways in fulfilling the great Commission. While fulfilling the great commission, it is important to note that what God wants to do through us, He first does in us. We preach Christ Crucified, but our lives are based on Self Crucified. In this encouraging and challenging sermon, Br J. B. Nicholson reminds believers, the importance of a ‘Self Crucified’ life.

PRINCIPLES OF EVANGELISM – Dr.Alexander Kurian- [Audio sermon]

Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br.Alexander Kurian at Borivali Assembly on 21 August,2011.

Passage of Reference Luke 8:11-15, Mark 4:26-29

In this Sermon, Br. Alexander Kurian expounds the Fundamental principles of Evangelism. Dealing with ‘Parable of the seed’ as seen in the gospel of Luke and Mark; much forgotten and highly essential principles are brought to light.

These Principles in itself are liberating and an encouragement for every Believer.

BACKDROP OF GREAT COMMISSION – Dr. Alexander Kurian – [Audio sermon]

Br Alexander Kurian takes us back to the most vital and fundamental passages in the Scripture. Though found in 4 different places across the scripture, great commission turns out to be the greatest omission in a Christian’s life. Drawing attention to the backdrop and circumstances under which this commission was giving; Br Kurian shows how the great commission was given to a incompetent, doubtful lot of fishermen. It was given in the backdrops of failures, doubts, worship and obedience. Prejudice was abolished before the Lord gave the charge to the 12 disciples.

Studying the backdrop of Great Commission, will encourage a believer to arise out of his incompetency, inabilities, failures, doubts and be involved in the highest vocation of a Saint.

Evangelism: A Mandate Of Every Church – Br. K V Simeon- [Audio Sermon]

Posted Below is the Sermon delivered by Br. K. V. Simeon at Maharashtra Prophecy Conference in the year 2009

The Sermon is on the attitude a local assembly ought to have when it comes community evangelism. Citing examples of David, Peter, Philip, Paul and the churches at Philippi and Thessalonica, Br K V Simeon presents convincing reasons for the church to be involved in evangelism. God Honors those who confess Him. Gospel is a sacred treasure God has given us which we must share. Every member of the body of Christ in the direction of the head should be giving out the gospel.

Can we shut up the light in a bush? So Evangelism is not an option but a mandate. Evangelism is the means through which the local churches are born.