RED HEIFER & WATERS OF PURIFICATION – Br. Maxlin Thomas – [Audio sermon]

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Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br. Maxlin Thomas at Borivali Assembly on 8 January 2017.Passage of Reference: Numbers 19The ALMIGHTY HEAVENLY FATHER provided the law of purification to cleanse the Israelites when they come in contact with a dead body. Because of the unfaithfulness of the Israelites, the entire nation witnessed death in their midst on a presumably daily basis. Thus, the entire nation was saddled with dead bodies on the journey towards their Promised Land. The HOLY FATHER foresaw the plight of the nation that was to fall for the next 40 years and, as evidenced throughout the HOLY SCRIPTURES, HE HIMSELF provide the LAW OF PURIFICATION to cleanse the nation from its dead bodies.Our spiritual journey is well highlighted by the journey of the ISRAELITES. and like any Jew, we in our journey constantly are coming in contact with dead bodies. In James 2: 17 & 26, we read our faith without work is dead and in Hebrews 9:13-14 we read of the need to cleanse our conscience from dead works to serve THE LIVING GOD. The message looks at the RED HEIFER and its UNIQUENESS, the PROPHETICAL aspect of the law and its completeness on the CROSS OF CALVARY and finally the WATER OF PURIFICATION and its SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE.MAY THE GOOD LORD LEAD US IN OUR JOURNEY and IN OUR NEED FOR PURIFICATION.This message is given in English and translated into Hindi.