Be Watchful lest you fall: Luke 4:1

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In Luke chapter 4, here we find that Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and He was led by the spirit into the wilderness. But we also notice that the devil was not far behind. He was using this opportunity to tempt Jesus Christ and see whether He is focused on His mission.

My dear brethren, in our life also the same way when we are trying to do things for the Lord there is an enemy trying to make sure that we do not do the purposes for which we are sent into this world. And we find that it could be through thoughts, it could be through our friends, it could be various feelings which we have which will be hindering us in the purposes for which we are sent into this world. But as we see here, Jesus Christ used the Word of God to thwart any plans of the devil. So in our daily lives let us make sure that we know our scriptures and use it to make sure that the purposes are fulfilled.


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