Excluded but leaping for joy: Luke 6:22,23

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In Luke chapter 6:22, we read that blessed are you when men hate you, when you’re excluded, when they revile you and cast out your name for the son of man’s sake.

How do we feel when we are out of our friends circle, when office partners get together but you are not invited? When the friends are going out but you are not included? Is it because we are snobbishness and because you are a killjoy? Or is it because for your stands for Christ? How do you feel about it? You might say, “hey it’s okay it’s part of life”. But verse 23 tells us not to take like that but to leap for joy since you’re treated like your role models.

Now who is your role model? The heroes of the Bible or the heroes of the world? Are the heroes of the Bible as real to you as Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi or Abdul Kalam or are they just fictional story characters? May we be able to look at these characters of the Bible as real people, as people who lived on this world. And we let us be joyful, let us leap for joy when we are treated like those heroes of the Bible when they took stands for Christ.

-Dr. John

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