Jesus and Friendships- Luke 5:27-32

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In Luke chapter 5 verses 27 to 32, we see Jesus interacting with one of the most hated group of people during those times. The tax collectors were considered as corrupt and a swindlers. They were considered as robbers and cheats, but Jesus was interested in them. He was never bothered about reputation. The leper, the member of the Sanhedrin, the Samaritan woman, the widow, all could freely interact with Jesus. He was willing to identify Himself with all types of people. He had friends in high places – the rich, the poor and even the most hated people. He was approachable to all.

What about you? Are you a person who is approachable? Are you friends only with your class of people? Are you known to be a person friendly to all? The purpose of all those friendships is not to be known as a nice person but to influence their lives for the glory of God. He was not bothered about what others told about them, He saw each person as a soul waiting for salvation. He saw everyone alike.

Today as you come across various types of people let them be able to see the non-judgmental Christ in you.

-Dr. John

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