Jesus and Popularity- Luke 5:16

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In Luke 5: 16 we read that Jesus often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed. This is a quality of Jesus which we see worth emulating. Many times we see him seeking moments to be alone with God. The context of each of these instances are worth looking into. Here the context is verse 15- we read people started talking about him, speaking about his power, speaking about his skills. He was becoming popular. This is the time we see Him seeking to be alone and spend time in prayer.

When people start talking about us, some good things which we have done; about our good talents which we have; when we start becoming popular in our neighborhood, classes, in a church, in our academic circles, what do we do? Do we seek solitude at these times- time to be with God asking grace to be firmly rooted in the relationship with Him? Making sure that the glory goes to Him and we never feel proud even for a second? May God enable us to run to Him and spend time in prayer, enabling ourselves to continue doing the good things with a humble heart and thanking God because He found us worthy to be his humble instruments.

-Dr. John

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