What is the Gospel?

Gospel means “Good news”. And the good news is that Jesus saves sinners. Yes, Salvation is the good news. If you want two words, then the Gospel is ‘Jesus Saves!!’ and if you prefer just one, then it’s ‘Jesus’. Jesus is the good news. His name itself means- He saves people from their sins. And the Bible so assertively claims ‘Jesus’ to be the only name in which salvation can be found.

Gospel is the central message of the Bible. But Gospel is more than just a message, a feel-good sermon or an homily preached in a church. Bible says, Gospel is the power of God unto those who believe on Jesus. Yes, Gospel is God’s power! A power which can transform and overhaul you. It is the power which can save you from sins you find unbeatable and too powerful to overcome. It is power to give you a new beginning, a new leash of life. It is God’s power imparting into to you a divine and godly nature. And all it takes to be saved is faith.

Only faith. Your goodness cannot save you, your charity, your donations, your piety, your pilgrimages, your thoughtfulness, your good-person image, your over-the-top kindness cannot bring you salvation. Salvation is beyond your efforts. Before God we are all sinful and rebels. Our best efforts are no better than rags before God’s Holiness and can be of no avail in being saved. We are sinful.

But the good news is-Jesus Saves!! Jesus the Son of God came into this world. He is the supreme expression of God’s love. There’s  just nothing like it, when God himself came into this world. He lived an holy, blameless, spotless, righteous life. No man lived like Him, No man spoke like Him and He was no just another man. Jesus the creator, clothed in human flesh lived and showed how life is lived. He was devoid of Sin inside out. His mission as He Himself said, “I have come to seek and SAVE the lost”. Salvation is the meaning of His name, it’s the message of his life and was accomplished through His Death.

Jesus Died. After having lived an exemplary life, He was crucified to a wooden cross. He out of love, sacrificed Himself and died because of our sins. He carried all our sins and bore them on His body. His death was the punishment of our sins. He died for no sins of His own, but paid in full the penalty of our sins, our iniquities, our evil-doings, our misdeeds. He the sinless one, suffered indescribable sufferings and yet so graciously declared the forgiveness of sins at the cross. He died but He is no dead God.

He arose!! He arose a mighty victor over death. Death could not hold Him over three days. He resurrected and proved his deity. His victory over death makes Him the only qualified Saviour of your life. He is alive and seated in Heaven. He stands between your sinfulness and God’s Holiness. His death and resurrection builds the impossible bridge and takes you into God’s presence. You are not able to obtain salvation, not even qualified to enter God’s Holy presence. But Jesus can be your Saviour. He saves all those who believe on Him.

This Gospel, this good news, this power, this salvation can all be yours through Jesus. All of this is a gift you did not deserve nor could you earn it. But it is all yours if only you believe on Him. As said in God’s authoritative Word- the Bible, “if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the death, you will be saved.”

Come to Jesus for He Himself said, “Come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. Come and be saved!

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