Beware of Earthly Kingdoms : Luke 4:5-8


Today we’ll be looking at the second temptation of Jesus Christ. Here we find Jesus is being offered the kingdoms of this world, if He is willing to worship the devil. This made me just wonder what are we worshiping today?

Are we worshiping our work, family, power, money, academic brilliance; what are we worshiping? What are we running after? What are we trying to maintain and at what cost? Have these become our idols and are we using them to attain some earthly pleasures, earthly glories, earthly Kingdoms? Have we missed our priorities? Have we missed our focus? Is our focus on the earthly things or in heavenly things. Are we fooled by the promises of the devil?

As we go through this day let us make sure that our worship and serving is to a true Lord and God and not to the devil, his plans and schemes.

-Dr. John

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