Beware of Pride : Luke 4 : 9- 12

Just a Minute meditations on pride


The third temptation of Jesus Christ in Luke 4 deals with pride and identity. The devil hints at the core of the issue- “use Your power prove to the world who You are, there are many angels at Your disposal. Use them to Your advantage”. Many times the devil tempts us to misuse things in our hands like money, people, power, position to meet our own selfish ends. What do you take pride in? Is it your child, is it your job, is it duty, talents, is it your partner?

Beware, let’s be thankful in our daily lives for the things which we have. Let’s not be blind of our role as stewards and let’s never use people or things for promoting ourselves in an ungodly manner. Even in the spiritual roles which we have let us not have any spiritual pride. Let us be humble and ever thankful for the blessings which we have.

-Dr. John

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