Choosing the best – Luke 10:38-42

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In Luke 10:38 -42 we see Jesus in the house of Martha and Mary. Martha starts to complain to Jesus that her sister is not helping her. She is trying to say to Jesus that her serving Jesus is dependent on Mary helping her. Many times in our Christian life we also find excuses for our poor faith and Christian life by finding fault with others. We tend to say if my marriage was better, if my job was better, if my child was normal, if my parents had given more opportunities, if that was better-this was better, if I should in a different Church I would have been a better Christian. We find fault with others for our poor Christian life.

Here Jesus answers and says to Martha, she’s worried and troubled about many things but one of the most important things she is missing but Mary has chosen -that is to sit at Jesus feet and listen to Him, being in presence of the Lord and feel the peace which He gives. In our lives are we blaming others and situations for our Christian life and faith? Maybe it is us who actually need to change and not others. May we be able to be in the presence of the Lord casting our burdens on him, experiencing the peace and calm which He promises in the midst of worries and troubles.

– Dr. John

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