Healer of our hearts – Luke 5: 1-11

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When we look at Luke chapter 5: 1 -11 we find that Jesus knows the situation athand. He knows the hearts of the people involved. Jesus ask what these fishermen won, He gives them an advice. Peter though skeptical obeyed it and a great catch happens. Isn’t it interesting to note that Jesus took the initiative and not Peter. Isn’t it so comforting to know that Jesus knows our hearts and our pains even before we talk about it and wants us to let him into it. Isn’t it amazing that many times when we feel we have done everything we could in a particular situation there still might be a way with Jesus.

My dear brethren are you still waiting on the Word of God? Are you still waiting to obey God? Just obey Him and let’s see a life-changing event take place. Isn’t it amazing instead of Peter coming in thanking Jesus for the catch, he sees his own sinful self? When blessings happen in our life? does it make us humble and come more to his presence acknowledging our unworthiness and worshiping the giver of the blessing.


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