Jesus and Accusations: Luke 6:6-11

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In Luke chapter 6:6-11 we read the story of Jesus healing a man with a withered hand. Jesus was being watched closely by the ritualistic hardliners who wanted to find a fault with Jesus and accuse Him for breaking their man-made rules. A great miracle is done in their midst. But they were so focused on finding the fault that they missed the greatness behind it.

Which group do we belong to? Are we like Jesus openly standing for his purposes, not bothered about the fault finders and accusers? Are we sure of what we are doing, confident that we are doing what God wants us to do in our interactions with other people? Are we like the Pharisees, so much interest in finding fault of others just because others are doing things which are different from what we learned and thought was right?

Let God enable us to be like Jesus, bold in our convictions and sure of what God wants us to do and do that for the glory of God. Let us not be Christians who miss the glory of God because of our hard-heartedness and ritualistic mentalities.

-Dr. John

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