Neighbor indeed – Luke 10:37

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To the lawmaker who had asked him ‘who is my neighbor’, Jesus answers in Luke 10:37 saying, “go and do likewise” after telling the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus turned the tables on the lawmaker. The lawmaker wanted to know who is his neighbor but Jesus answered him by saying -you be the neighbor, instead of looking for others. Neighbor is the one who is compassionate, who risks his life, who sacrifices his time, his money, his comfort, his positions for the sake of others. The neighbor is the one who shows mercy. Jesus says to go and do likewise- be a good neighbor.

Is there anyone around you whom you have overlooked in your church, your family, your classroom, at your workplace, in your neighborhood who could use some mercy and compassion? Are you a good neighbor? Loving your neighbor as yourself is a practical outworking of loving Jesus Christ. May God enable us to open our eyes to see the opportunities in which we can be the good neighbors.

-Dr. John

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