Matter to rejoice because your names are written in heaven: Luke 10:20

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In Luke 10:20, Jesus says, “rejoice because your names are written in heaven.” Jesus is reminding the disciples that the matter of rejoicing is not extraordinary manifestations, miracles, healings, power over demons, feelings etc. But the greatest wonder is the reality of salvation- the fact that our names are written in heaven. Today many Christians are after feelings. Their believes in joy waveres based on the happenings of their lives. When miracles and extraordinary things happens, they are happy. Many run behind such extraordinary paraphernalia and mistake feelings for facts. But Jesus reminds them that the greatest joy is salvation itself. This is the greatest miracle.

Anybody or any event which glorifies feelings and manifestations more than the salvation is not true joy. Let us rejoice whatever the circumstance, whatever the happenings in our life. Let us rejoice from the bottom of our hearts every moment and every day of our life just because our names are written in heaven.

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