Scale of your discipleship: Luke 6:29-38

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In Luke 6:29 – 38, what is the difference between you as a believer and the other people around you? It is your response to your enemies and those who try to mistreat you- which is the scale of your Christian discipleship.

Giving to others without grudging your time, your resources, your talents, sometimes even your own health and energy, your money, without expecting things in return. Being merciful to others, even to those who don’t deserve it, continuing to do good and lending to those who are unthankful and evil; your focus being eternal, expecting rewards in heaven and being called the sons of Most High. Having attitudes which are unearthly, forgiving those who don’t deserve forgiveness, showing to the world the unearthly origins of your heart. The way the Lord measures how to bless you is based on how you bless others who don’t deserve it.

May God enable you to behave as true sons of the Most High. Let’s thank God for the people who irritate us, for those who mistreat us, for those who do evil to us, for giving us opportunities to show whose disciples we are.


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