Service with Gratitude – Luke 8: 2,3


In Luke 8:2,3 we see a list of people who were healed by Jesus doing their part in the service of the Lord. They were people who were individually blessed by Jesus. They were transformed physically and spiritually. Their response was to give back to the Lord, not in compulson but out of gratitude. They used what they had, they did not look for extraordinary ways to serve the Lord but what they had in their position is what they used to serve the Lord.

In our lives how are we manifesting publicly our gratitude of what Jesus has done in our lives? We should be vessels through which others take part of the grace and love of Jesus. Whatever is in your position now, be it wealth, be it time, be it academics, be it jobs, these are the things which God is asking of you. Let’s not wait for some other time, for a special time when we have for more money, for more people. Know the Lord is happy with whatever you have and whatever you can offer to the Lord, however small and however little it might be. So what are you going to give to the Lord in the meager resources which you have?

-Dr. John

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