Touched by Jesus – Luke 8:45

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In Luke 8:45 Jesus asks, “who touched me”? even though He’s in the midst of a multitude. Today many approach Jesus for multiple benefits. Many will say they are going to church, they read the Bible, they pray regularly and go about doing so many religious rituals expecting to touch Jesus. But is the power of Jesus being felt by you? Are you just following the crowd doing various things expecting to be touched by Jesus?

Jesus is looking for genuine humble hearts. He is not interested in a ritualistic approach and once you are touched by Jesus, you cannot hide anymore. You have to make public what God has done in your life. He calls you out from your secret Christian lives wanting you to be publicly proclaiming the great changes Jesus has done in your life. Let us examine ourselves and see if we are just religiously following Jesus and trying to please him or are we genuinely approaching Jesus to see the touch in your lives – that touch can never be kept silent. God expects you to publicly acknowledge the hand of God behind the ways in which He worked in your life.

-Dr. John

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