Unshakable faith: Luke 7:9

Just a Minute meditations sovereignty of God


In Luke 7:9 we read Jesus saying that the Centurion has great faith. He was a good man doing a lot of good for people and the society. But all this did not make him free from problems. Just the fact that we are good does not prevent us from having issues and problems in our life. Sometimes these issues question our belief systems. Here the centurion is commented by Jesus because with all humility he acknowledges the sovereignty and omnipotence of Jesus in all situations. He understands Jesus’ command over distance and it is His will if He wants to change the situation or not.

Let us also understand who our God is. He is the omnipotent, Almighty God with all authority. Nothing in your life is beyond his control. All things can and will be changed if He wants it to be changed. We need to approach Him with all humility, present our needs before Him and trust Him to do the rest as nothing is outside of His authority. Let us go about our daily lives with the knowledge that our God is in control of all situations which we come across in our lives.

-Dr. John

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