Worship with Humility : Luke 7: 36-50


In Luke chapter 7: 36 -50 we see two contrasting styles of pleasing Jesus. Simon thought of pleasing Jesus through a form of godliness, inviting Him into his house, making it public that Jesus is at his home. He thought of befriending Jesus by activities. On the other hand, the sinner woman says nothing- only her humility is at display. Her tears are her words. She saw in Jesus someone who can provide her a peace that no one else can and we find Jesus accepts her. Jesus makes a very remarkable statement when He says, “to whom little is forgiven the same loves little”.

The realization of who we were, who we are, is always the depth of our worship. When we look at ourselves, do we see our spiritual poverty? Are we able to see our sinful nature, always having an appreciation of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross? Is our worship a reflection of the realization of the depth from which we were saved? Let’s worship and honor Him not with words and activities but with our hearts every moment reminding ourselves the depth of the forgiveness we have received.

– Dr. John

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