THE SOVEREIGN GOD [Isaiah 6] AND SUFFERING SAVIOR [Isaiah 53] – Br.Viji Roberts, Canada

Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br. Viji Roberts at Borivali Assembly on 10th Feb,2011. The sermon is part of the series ‘ The Sovereign God and Suffering Savior’.

In Isaiah 6, we see a God high and lifted up, whose train filled the whole temple. A God full of Glory and in awesome majesty, is the center of all worship in Heaven. Before whom, the first words that proceeded out of Isaiah’s mouth were “Woe is me… “. A Sovereign God!!

Isaiah in God’s Presence, beholding God’s Glory and majesty resulted in his

1. Repentance
2. Redemption
3. Response

Isaiah saw the vision of God’s glory when King Uzziah died. It was a period of Despondency and Depravity. And it was through such darkness, prophet Isaiah found himself in the presence of God, beholding God’s Glory.

But in Isaiah 52:13- 53; We see a Suffering Savior. Isaiah 53 is divided in couplets of three verses and it is last of the ‘Servant songs’ which starts from Isaiah 42.

Isaiah 52:13-15: The Success of the Servant
Isaiah 53:1-3 : The Story of the Servant
Isaiah 53:4-6 : The Suffering of the Servant
Isaiah 53:7-9 : The Submission of the Servant
Isaiah 53:10-13: The Sacrifice of the Servant

Br. Viji Roberts expounding from Isaiah chapter 6 and Chapter 53, reminds every believer to be found with passion, in the service of such a great God; just as Isaiah could not but surrender his life in taking God’s Message to his people.

Audio Sermon

Isaiah 6: The Sovereign God


Isaiah 53: The Suffering Servant


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