Evangelism: A Mandate Of Every Church – Br. K V Simeon- [Audio Sermon]

Evangelism: A mandate of every church

Posted Below is the Sermon delivered by Br. K. V. Simeon at Maharashtra Church Conference in the year 2009.

It is an imperative for a local assembly to be involved in community evangelism. Citing examples of David, Peter, Philip, Paul and the churches at Philippi and Thessalonica; Br K V Simeon presents convincing reasons for the church to be involved in evangelism.

God Honors those who confesses Him. God has given us the Gospel has a sacred treasure, which we must share with everybody. Every member of the Body of Christ, in the direction of the head, should be sharing the gospel.”Can we shut up the light in a bush?” is the question raised by Christ. Evangelism is not an option but a mandate. Evangelism is the means through which the local churches are born.

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