THE LOVE OF GOD – Malachi 1:2,10 – Br. John Kurian – [Audio Sermon]

The Love of God

Posted here is the sermon delivered Br. John Kurian at Borivali assembly on Nov 17, 2010.

Passage of Reference: Malachi 1:2,10

Bro. John Kurian expounds from Malachi Ch 1 and once again reminds us of God’s unchanging love for us. A highly recommended and inspiring talk on the love of God in these last days where many have questioned the ways of God.

The 3 aspects of the Love of God:

1. Gods love does not change and is constant. It is irrespective of our attitude to him. It is not dependent on our love for him but it is a constant in our life. So it not our works that determine his love for us but his goodness that determines his love.

2. God’s Love requires our life to be in pleasure to his will. He does not need our sacrifices but he wants us. He is interested in us. He will reject our sacrifice if it is not in live to his will. Mal 1:10.

3. Doubting God love is the first step to sin. Genesis Ch 3, Satan sowed seeds of doubt in eve mind about the love of God and sin followed that. Never question his methods. Never question his love. If your heart doubts him, then believe in the word of God which is the ultimate revelation of God love. In other words, do not trust your own feelings but trust God word.

Audio Sermon

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