Rags To Riches – Psalm 113 [Sermon]

Rags to Riches

Posted here is the sermon delivered at Borivali Assembly on the 14th of November,2010.

Passage of Reference: Psalm 113

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Psalm 113: 4-8

One of the Hallel psalms along. This psalm forms the opening choir of the Hallel while Psalm 118 closes out the Hallel singing. Sung by the Lord himself in the quietness of the upper room, the Lord would have led the singing as he set the whole purpose and plan of calvary in those verses from 4-8 which is to lift the poor and needy from the dunghill and place them in high places.

The condition of the poor is carefully analyzed. In this context, the life of Moses in Exodus 40:35, as he stood outside the tabernacle is analyzed. God was inside the tabernacle while Moses was unfit and stood outside. Moses was like that beggar-man from the psalms, unfit and standing outside tabernacle. But miraculously, Moses is able to enter the tabernacle in Numbers 1:1 where God and Moses both are in each other presence. Moses was no more offensive to God holiness. In between Numbers and Exodus lies the wonderful book of Leviticus which enumerates the five offerings, all of them pointing to the work of Lord Jesus Christ. These five offerings transformed the life of Moses and from being the man on the dunghill, he was made fit for the courts of the Lord. He was made to sit at high places with princes of HIS people.

Similarly, God has transformed us, who were beggars and men from the ash heap, and he has lifted us to the high places and courts of royalty.

The work of Lord Jesus has transformed us and given us a royal descent and made us sit in high places. (New Birth)

The sermon goes into details about how to lift this poor man of his poverty. The four steps are:
1. Lift him out of the dirt
2. Cleanse him and remove the stench
3. Cloth him with royal attire
4. Transform him into a man from the royal descent which points to his new birth into the family of the prince (2 Cor 5:17). The offerings of Leviticus transformed the life of Moses and he could enter the tabernacle.

May we continue to remind ourselves that we were beggars, men from the dunghill, offensive to the holiness of God but we have been lifted out of state, cleansed, clothed and transformed into his family and now we sit at high places (Epe 2:6)

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