The Stunning Revival of the New Roman Empire

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If ever there was a doubt about the emergebnce of the new empire (spoken of Daniel 7:23 and Rev 17), it should have been completely dispelled over the last 2 years after carefully analyzing what is happening in the EU.

What some economist believe as the EURO project, has now turned into full fledged slavery and arm twisting by the most powerful group in the world, The creators of EURO dream.

Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal has just seen the murder of their democracy and rights as a country as EU budget and commission has imposed stringent economic and fiscal rules over their country bypassing the laws of the countries.

Over the course of the week, we have seen how the EU parliament has imposed strict budget rules over a soveriegn country, Ireland. Ireland now will be forever in debt to the EURO.

Listen to the speech from Nigel Farage, (United Kingdom Independent Party) in inspired speech, accusing the EU president Van Rompuy, of ignoring the potential slavery and murder of democracy in Ireland and Greece as they are forced to comply with EU rules.

UK politicians obviously are a worried lot given the power and speed with which EU has enslaved Ireland. UK politicians know very well that UK is probably next in line as its fiscal and economic position is extremely weak and will need help in 2011. It cannot to go to the US given US health. The only place to go to is the EU.

Friends, we are quite clearly seeing the powerful emergence of EU as its currency EURO takes over the world trade system. And yet I believe we have only seen the beginning of this massive sovereign crisis increasing its tentacles all around the world. Once the EU countries are forced into slavery and compliance to EURO founders dream of the New Roman Empire, my understanding is that the rest of the world will be forced to comply with Brussels. Today most analyst believe that there is no country more worse off than the US in terms of absolute levels of debt on its citizens. US is a debt bomb waiting to explode. Most have timed the explosion of US and UK debt markets in the next few years probably as early as 2012 and it will result into slavery that we see in IRELAND and GREECE. It is old style slavery where the EU will take economic decisions bypassing the nations rights even if it is the US and UK.

India and China while growing well hold all their wealth in dollars and with the fallout of US, it is evident that they too will be bankrupt and seek assistance and come to the EURO project creators based in Brussels.

The New empire is evidently starting to expand. Does not the prophecies of book of Daniel ring a bell? The fourth beast is raising its head. It religious affiliation is almost coincidental to Revelation 17. It politics is one similar to complete authority and power. Its economy is powerful (Read the German engineering growth story which has upstaged every other country in the world).

The face of the beast is yet to be revealed but there seems to be an incredible amount of affiliation of the EU empire to the fourth beast in terms of its religious affiliation (12 stars on the flag which is inspired by alo of 12 stars appearing around the Madonna as depicted in Catholic pictures of her. Leon Marchal, former secretary general of the Council of Europe, confirmed that the stars are representative of “the woman of the Apocalypse).

Time is running out for the world as the coming of Lord Jesus Christ in rapturous welcome to its church is nearing. Friends there is absolutely no doubt of the WORDS of the Lord in that he is coming again. And it is nearer than ever. It is time for you awaken and leave your sinful ways. Accept Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins so that you may be sinless in the presence of a Holy God.

Please read our Gospel call here. Lord Jesus Loves you.

Borivali Brethren.

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