Biblical Separation: In Principle – Bro. Sunil Albert – [Audio sermon]

Biblical Separation : In Principle

Posted here is the sermon delivered by Bro Sunil Albert at ‘ABC for Teens’ Bible class held in April 2010.

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Posted below is the Audio sermon delivered by Bro Sunil Albert for ‘ABC for Teens’ Bible class held in April 2010. The sermon is on the’ Separated life’ that Believers ought to live on this earth.
Given below is the 2nd Audio Sermon, titled: BIBLICAL SEPARATION – In Principle

Audio Sermon


(1Pet 1:15-16)

1. The Principle Black and White.

You are the only bible will any ever read.Image of Christ before the world.Our responsibility of winning lost and glorifying God.You can not do that without separation.There are no grey areas in Christian life.Means areas which we can not clearly define.There are either black or white areas.It is blunt disobedience.We do not want to accept that.Do not mix. Jms 4:17, him knoweth to do good and doeth not to him is sin. We know not to and we do it, is not grey area. Psa 119:9-11, thy word have I hidden. Word of God becomes the criteria to judge between the right and wrong. Word of God does not leave grey areas. We may sin in ignorance. But as we grow we ought to become stronger and stronger. Maturity is to learn right and have strength to keep doing that.

2. The Principle Citizenship Phil 3:20.  If our citizenship is in heaven then we are foreigners on earth. What do you mean by foreigners? Stand at bus stop and watch: how do I know them foreigners?

their dress code

their language

they often think differently

they eat different

they act differently

So as believers we are to look differently.Dress modestly.Talk sensible, not entering in any dirty conversation.Our line of thinking is spiritual.We have different appetite, we don’t drink and drug.We are to act different, with desire to leave here and be at home.But we have work to do, Jn 17:16-18, they are not of the world as I am not of the world.Understand we are to be in the world, he sent us in to the world as Christ was sent in to the world.We are to be different.Col 3:1, if then we be risen with Christ, seek things of heaven, set your affection, desires there.1Pet 2:11, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims abstain.We are here for purpose and when done we will be with Him.We just want to be accepted by people.

3. The Principle of Glorifying God 1Cor 10:31.

Do all for the glory of God.Ask a question, does this glorify God?Put it to the glory test.You can not talk to them when you do the same things they do.Col 3:17, whatsoever you do, do it in the name of the LJC. Can I do this? Should I be doing this?

4. The Principle of Proving Things 1Thes 5:21.

There is a command in governing our lives in what we do and we stop to do.Will this please God?Is it good or bad? Righteous or unrighteous?Abstain from? Not evil, but the appearance of evil.Ex. Playing cards. Just a game.But it is linked to gambling, so an appearance of evil.A small beginning with the appearance of evil will drag in serious sins.

5. The Principle of Helping Others 1Cor 10:23.

All things are lawful for me but all not good for me.There are things not good for me and others.May be harmful to some one else.Will it help another believer to build or break 1Cor 8:4-13; 14:13-21.We should not use our liberty that would lead someone to stumble and fall back in the sin of their old life.If we sin against a brother, we sin against Christ.No movies, no renting videos etc.If a young believer sees me near theatre may be for a good cause of seeing evangelical movie, it will be for others downfall.

6. The Principle of Loving Not the World 1Jn 2:15-17.

Plain and simple truth.It talks of lust here.To get us out of balance.Adam and Eve sinned because of the same three reasons (Gen 3:6):

what they saw-lust of the eyes

what they saw good for food-lust of the flesh

what they thought to be wise-pride of life

In Rom 12:1-2, be not conformed to this world.Tit 2:11-13, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts.Not only to deny ungodly but do the Godly.

7. The Principle of Your Body the Temple of Holy Spirit 1Cor 12:13.

Rom 8:9 Holy Spirit dwells in us, if not he is not of Christ’s.In 1Cor 6:19, know ye not? So we are to be concerned of things that go on in our mind.1Cor 3:16-17.If we abuse them then God will destroy that body.I do not do because my body is temple of God. I do not smoke, drink alcohol. No involvement in immorality.Dating is immoral involvement.

8. The Principle of Holiness 1Pet 15-16, Lev 16.

If this is our motivation, as Christ is holy, and to Christ like.What would you have to do if the Lord would come to visit you? Your room, books, posters, things, computers, memories, co and DVD etc.

-Bro. Sunil Albert


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