COMMITMENT DEFEATED Br. Varghese Chacko-[Audio sermon]

Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br.Varghese Chacko at ABC For Teens-2011.



What is our commitment as Christians?

Rom 10:9

What are the implications of accepting Lordship of Jesus Christ:

Accepting His right over us: Col 1:16
Accepting the purpose of our life as His glory:1 Co 6:19,20 2Co 5:14,15
Accepting His moral values as our way of life:Mt 11:29 Job 1:1 Ga 5:22, Rom 13:14

Why Commitment gets defeated?

Commitment dampened or deteriorated: Gen 2:17; Isa 40:31
Commitment lost: Mt 13:23
Commitment forgotten: Mt 26:35; Ps 50:22;Deut 31:19; Ps.116:14
Commitment forsaken: 2Pe 2:22 Ps 51:2
Commitment to opposite things developed: Luk 16:1 Jas 1:8

A Case Study :-‘Walk the talk Simon’ –

Commitment Declared:
Committed to be selfless: Mt 19:27 ;Mt 26:35
Committed to obey: Luk 5:5
Committed to believe: Mt 14:28 ;Mr 8:29;
Committed to act: John 18:10
Committed to serve: Mr 6:12

Commitment Defeated:
When a price has to be paid: Luk 22:61,62
When self-has to be denied: Mr 8:32,33,34; Mr 9:34; Mr 14:29,30,
When time went by: John21:2,3

Commitment Driven back

Three questions of Commitment John 21:3; John 21:5,6; John 21:7; John 21:17

Three principles of Commitment
1st Principle of commitment: Love; John 21:15,16,17; 2Co 5:14
2nd Principle of Commitment: Sacrifice- John 21:18,19; 1 John 3:16
3rd principle of Commitment – Obedience: John 21:19-22;1 John 2:5 ;1Pe 4:19

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