COMMITMENT DEMANDED – Br. Varghese Chacko – [Audio sermon]

Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br.Varghese Chacko at ABC For Teens-2011.


Passage of Reference: 2Timothy 1:8-14

Commitment to Gospel:

1. The spirit of shame: 2 Tim1: 8,12,16

2. Shame Categorized:1Co 15:34, Mark 8:38

Commitment to Suffering:

1Pe 4:15,16; Philippians 2:17;

Commitment to the Word of God

2 Tim 1:13 – “The form of sound words
2 Tim 1:14 “that good thing which was committed unto thee”

o Word of God is a good thing committed unto us: 2Ti 3:15 2Ti 3:16 2Ti 3:17

o Word of God is the treasure committed to us
2 Tim 1:12 Our life being Committed to God
2 Tim 1:14 God Committed his Word to us.

o How to honour that which is committed to us?
2 Tim 1:13 Hold fast in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus
2 Tim 1:14 keep (Guard) by the Holy Ghost which dwelleth in us.

Audio Sermon

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