THE LORD’S SUPPER – Br. Phil Coulson, Scotland- [Audio sermon]


Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br. Phil Coulson of Scotland at the Maharashtra Prophecy Conference, 2009.

Passage of Reference: 1 corinthians 10,11

In this sermon, Br. Coulson highlights the difference between the Lord’s Table (1 Cor 10) and the Lord’s Supper (1 Cor 11) and touches upon the believers’ ministry to angels. While the Lord’s Table represents the spiritual provision we enjoy from God every moment of the day, the Lord’s Supper is a weekly proclamation of the redeeming power of the Lord’s death; much like the annual celebration of the Passover was to Israel. Br. Coulson brings out how the only three visible acts are done by Assemblies: Believer’s Baptism, Head Covering of the women, and the Lord’s Supper are actions that ‘make known the manifold wisdom of God’ to His angels (Eph 3:10, I Cor 11:10). Through this sermon, the Spirit of God mightily uses Br. Coulson to elicit the headship and glory of Christ that pervades the doctrines and practices of His church.

Audio Sermon

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