Br. Koshy Mathew – BOOK OF RUTH – Relationships 1 [Sermon]

- Br. Koshy Mathew
(Borivali Assembly, 6th June 2018)
Passage of Reference
Ruth 1:1-14

Interpersonal relationship is one of the keys to success in life. It is predominantly how your relationship is with God, with your family, friends, relatives, neighbors etc. Dr. Koshy Mathew elucidates from the Book of Ruth, the successes and failures of Interpersonal Relationships. Furthermore, he also mentions what the Bible expects from us. Lastly, he alludes to how we need to have a healthy relationship. In the First sermon, he mentions about the background of the book of Ruth and the reasons for the failure of the family of Elimelech. Their relationship with God failed and migrated to Moab. But Naomi restores back the relationship with God. Also, the speaker expounds a classic example of a Mother-in-love and Daughter-in-love relationship. As a result, we can get great insights, from the Family of Elimelech.

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