Br. Phil Coulson, Scotland: BIBLE STUDY- EPHESIANS 2:18 [English-Marathi Sermon]


Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br.Phil Coulson at Christian Believers’ Assembly, Cantonment, Aurangabad.The sermon is a part of the series of Bible studies on the book of Ephesians.

Passage of Reference: Ephesians 2:18: For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father.

The two important truths that this verse speaks in volumes:

1. ‘Both’ Jews and Gentiles have been made part of the body of Christ.
The Jews considered themselves special on the basis of the ‘Old Covenant’; that God had made with them. But the covenant on which their soul boasted, itself condemned them and brought them under the curse; as none could keep up the high Standards of God.
Hence, when the Son of God died at Calvary; He took upon himself the curse of the Jews and the sins of the Gentiles, making both- Jews and Gentiles, part of one body.

2. This verse is one of the few verses in God’s Word which shows that the Triune God is at work for the salvation of man.

through him
one Spirit
unto the Father

It is amazing to see that, all three Godheads took great interest in saving sinful, rebellious ‘man’ from his sins. The Father planed, The son Acted according to the Plan, and The Spirit brought Light and Sealed that Action.
Furthermore, Br Phil Coulson, illustrating the example of Joseph meeting his brothers in Egypt; shows how it is a picture of the Triune God at work, to save the fallen human race.

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