GOSPEL CENTERED LIFE – Br. Binoi Samuel – [Audio- Video Sermon]

Paul, in his letter to Timothy, notes that the mystery of godliness is the gospel. That is, the most essential ingredient for godliness is the gospel.It is important, therefore, that the church sing, teach, and preach the gospel. This is the message the church must cherish the most. And if so, the life of the church should revolve around this message – That is, every church service is gospel-centric. The church celebrates the gospel each time it gathers together. It affects what we sing, how we preach, what we teach, and how we relate to those in the church and out of the church. We have no church without the gospel, and no gospel without Christ.Gospel-centric living is a call to return to the message that we have forgotten, or rather, we have looked down on.