Flesh vs Spirit – Romans 7:14-8:13 [Sermon]

The Gospel of Jesus Christ demands no human efforts but only faith to be saved. When a sinner believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, the sinner is declared righteous and no more held accountable for sins committed. Righteousness is not earned but transferred from Christ to the sinner.Though this judicial transaction makes a sinner fit to inherit eternal life, does it also give one the liberty to commit sin? How is sanctification and holiness achieved? Paul in this passage emphasizes the fact that just like justification could not be attained by efforts, so also any amount of human efforts cannot guarantee sanctification. We are in the flesh and are incapable of any good. Yet God brings in a new dynamics to play where the Spirit of His own Son, resides in us to bring about a new and transformed life. It is through the Spirit God that brings holiness in the life of His children, which the law of old testament was weak to do so.