Posted here is the enacted skit by the youth of Borivali Assembly on the true story behind the famous song- “I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS”

The story of the song is covered in the Book by Dr. P.P. Job and Indian preacher in His book “Why God Why” About 150 years ago, there was a great revival in Wales, England. As a result of this, many missionaries came from England and Germany to North-East India to spread the Gospel. At the time, north-east India was not divided into many states as it is today. The region was known as Assam and comprised hundreds of tribes. The tribal communities were quite primitive and aggressive by nature.

Lord Jesus Gave Himself

Yes Lord Jesus gave Himself for our sins. That’s quite a powerful statement. Because this was only the beginning of all ‘givings’. For with Him, God has given us freely all things. Out of all the gifts that God has given, He is the indescribable gift. The gift of gifts, all other gifts in one. And all of this giving was under the backdrop of the law which demanded man to give. Just like God always does, He himself fulfilled what man couldn’t.


CAN YOU BACK-ANSWER GOD??? The Bible talks in great details about of the judgment that all mankind will face after death. The sage and sinner alike will all  have to give an account of every good …

Having Peace with God

Dear reader, I have something to ask you. What is the one thing that you lack the most when it comes to knowing God? What is it that has always put you and God at opposite ends? What is this hindrance that throws you back when you come close to God?  What is this thing that comes between you and God??


The Bible says, “It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment”.

What after Death? Do you have Hope for a life beyond Death? Are you certain that if you were to die to today, you would be in Heaven?

My Friend, God Loves you. Today, you can be certain of going to Heaven, after death. Lord Jesus is the only way to go to Heaven.

Br. Thomsom B. Thomas points out from the bible, how hope for life beyond death, is found only in the Possessor of Life, Promise of Life and the Prince of Life- Lord Jesus Christ .

Beholding God's Glory -EZEKIEL CHAPTER 1[Audio Sermon]

Posted below is the Gospel sermon delivered at Borivali Assembly on 20th March,2011.

Ezekiel chapter 1,2 & 3 comprises of the commission of the prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel, a priest at the age of 30, was called on to become the prophet of the Lord, to the nation of Israel and also to captives in Babylon. Ezekiel Himself a captive, at the time of the calling, got to behold the Glory of God, before he was commissioned. From a Place of Despair,sorrow and affliction, Ezekiel was lifted to the very throne of God, to behold the glory of the pre-incarnate Christ.

Japan Earthquake: Death Toll Soars

In a matter of 1 Hour, World’s 3rd Largest Economy, was devastated with an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 followed by a Tsunami.The country is still grappling with the fact that normalcy is certainly not anywhere in sight and that March 11th was just a beginning of woes.

The Death Toll which is counting at the time of writing is 4164 and is heading to count of many more thousands in the days to come.
With Explosions in Nuclear reactors, Epidemics… etc on cards, Death will continue its conquest on the land of the rising sun.

But my Friend, Death is nothing new. Death is inevitable. We must all die. One or the other time, we would all be victims this merciless enemy.

Hope For Life Beyond Death- [Video English-Tamil]: Br. John Kurian

“It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment” says the Bible.

But What after Death? Do you have Hope for a life beyond Death? Are you certain that if you were to die to today, you would be in Heaven?

My Friend, God Loves you and He would Love to see you in His Presence beyond Death. It is not your good works or right living, that can take you to Heaven. Lord Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

Irrespective of who you are, you can be certain of going to Heaven after death.
God is ready to forgive you of all your dreaded sins. Lord Jesus is the manifestation of His Love for you.

Evangelism: A Mandate Of Every Church – Br. K V Simeon- [Audio Sermon]

Posted Below is the Sermon delivered by Br. K. V. Simeon at Maharashtra Prophecy Conference in the year 2009

The Sermon is on the attitude a local assembly ought to have when it comes community evangelism. Citing examples of David, Peter, Philip, Paul and the churches at Philippi and Thessalonica, Br K V Simeon presents convincing reasons for the church to be involved in evangelism. God Honors those who confess Him. Gospel is a sacred treasure God has given us which we must share. Every member of the body of Christ in the direction of the head should be giving out the gospel.

Can we shut up the light in a bush? So Evangelism is not an option but a mandate. Evangelism is the means through which the local churches are born.