BIBLICAL HISTORY and CHRONOLOGY – Secular Chronology – Bro Johnny Varghese – [Audio sermon]

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The Assyrians and Babylonians maintained historical records in which astronomical events were listed. By correlating these records with astronomical calculations modern historians have been able to establish the dates for important events in the history of Assyria and Babylon. Since some of these events and characters are also mentioned in the Bible, they provide anchors to establish the chronology of Biblical events. There exists a good synchronization between the records in Kings and Chronicles, archeological and historical records from Babylon and Assyria.The Biblical chronology gives 4000 BC for the start of the human race. This conflicts with secular chronology, which is based on evolution theory and radiometric dating. However, radiometric dating is fraught with assumptions and therefore does not discredit the Biblical timeframe. Evidence for a young earth is also considered.