In this 7th sermon, Br. Thomas John expounds from Haggai 1:6 the 5 disappointments of the people

1.Sow much –bring in little :Lack of Fruitfulness
2.Eat – but not enough :Lack of Satisfaction
3.Drink – but not filled :Lack of Refreshing
4.Clothe – but not warm :Lack of Warmth
5.Earn wages – put in bag of holes :Lack of Resources

The 2nd disappointing- Lack of Satisfaction is dealt in detail in this sermon.

Br.Tony Ristoski, Sydney:- WALK WORTHY OF THE CALLING

Br.Tony Ristoski Expounding from the Book of Ephesians, Presents a 7 fold Walk, from the New Testament.

1. Walk Worthy of the Calling- Ephesians 4:1
2. Walk of Good Works- Ephesians 2:10
3. Walk Not as Gentiles- Ephesians 4:17
4. Walk in the Spirit-Galatians 5:16-25
5. Walk in Love- Ephesians 5:2
6. Walk as Children of Light- Ephesians 5:8
7. Walk Circumspectly- Ephesians 5:15

And Moreover the Scripture presents a 4 fold dimensions of the Calling wherewith our Lord as Called us with

1. Holy Calling- 2 Timothy 1:9
2. Heavenly Calling- Hebrews 3.1
3. High Calling- Philippians 3:14
4. Calling in Hope- Ephesians4:4

Just as Lord Jesus walked a perfect life, so are the Children of God encouraged to walk as He Walked 1 John 2:6

THE MEANING OF MARRIAGE – Br. Koshy Mathew [Audio sermon]

Posted below is the sermon delivered at Borivali assembly by Br. Koshy Mathew on 23 June 2011.The sermon was delivered in english and translated in Hindi.

Different words have been used for the word ‘marriage’ in the Holy Bible. It is interesting to look into the first three reference of the word ‘marriage’ used in the scripture. In all these instances, three different words for ‘marriage’ have been used, to convey three different aspects of it.

They are

1.Marriage means to receive each other.(Genesis 19:4)
2.Marriage means to give away.(Genesis 34:9)
3.Marriage means to dwell together.(Exodus 21:10)

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THE CALL FOR TRUE DISCIPLESHIP- Acts 9:1-16- Br. Sunil Albert – [Sermon]

Undertaking a Biblical Study on the ‘Encounter apostle Paul had with the Lord’; Br.Sunil Albert draws attention to the three important vital truths of any Disciple of the Lord and they are

a) He is a VESSEL (v.15)
b) He is a VEHICLE (v.15b) and
c) He is a VICTIM (v.16)

Here in this account the, good Lord reveals who is a true disciple? What are the marks of true discipleship? And what is expected of every follower of Christ in being His true disciple? Hence this Spirit inspired account has some very vital and fundamental things concerning the disciple of the Lord.

THE SOVEREIGN GOD [Isaiah 6] AND SUFFERING SAVIOR [Isaiah 53] – Br.Viji Roberts, Canada

Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br. Viji Roberts at Borivali Assembly on 10th Feb,2011. The sermon is part of the series ‘ The Sovereign God and Suffering Savior’.

In Isaiah 6, we see a God high and lifted up, whose train filled the whole temple. A God full of Glory and in awesome majesty, is the center of all worship in Heaven. Before whom, the first words that proceeded out of Isaiah’s mouth were “Woe is me… “. A Sovereign God!!
Isaiah in God’s Presence, beholding God’s Glory and majesty resulted in his

1. Repentance
2. Redemption
3. Response

But in Isaiah 52:13- 53; We see a Suffering Savior. Isaiah 53 is divided in couplets of three verses and it is last of the ‘Servant songs’ which starts from Isaiah 42.

Isaiah 52:13-15: The Success of the Servant
Isaiah 53:1-3 : The Story of the Servant
Isaiah 53:4-6 : The Suffering of the Servant
Isaiah 53:7-9 : The Submission of the Servant
Isaiah 53:10-13: The Sacrifice of the Servant