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Chariots ready to go!
Verse for Today: Monday, October 22, 2012

Genesis 45:27 – But when they told him everything that Joseph had said to them, and when he saw the carts Joseph had sent to carry him back, the spirit of their father Jacob revived.
God rekindles the sagging spirits of His children by powerful reminders and strong evidences of what He does for them. He sends to us His servants who had personal encounters with Him to reassure us that He is at work for us. We can meet persons who knew God face to face on the pages of the Word of God. Their testimonies are powerful and lively experiences of how God prepares ways for His children and leads them forward. God also sends His powerful promises to remind us that He is at work for our welfare. These promises are all seen on the pages of His Word which is eternally secure in heaven. From the beginning to the end of the written Word, these promises come one after the other just as the chariots sent for Jacob by Joseph. These promises have the glory of God embodied in it and will demonstrate God’s power as they are fulfilled. They are put forward in front of our eyes in power, strength and majesty and they re-energize our hearts to believe and cling on to it. It was these chariots of promises that made Jacob believe that his Joseph was alive and that he was powerful to carry Jacob to his presence to witness the majesty and honor with which Joseph ruled. The chariots of promises in the Word take us to our Heavenly Joseph who meets all our needs to full satisfaction. All we have to do to meet our needs is to shed our frustrations, cling on His promises and go to His presence to receive everything that He has kept for us to enjoy. When these chariots are in front of our very eyes, there is no need to wallow in our spiritual poverty and depression because of our nothingness. Instead, we should allow our spirits to be revived, renewed and revitalized to see His resources.. Today we are challenged to open our eyes to see all the promises given to us by our Lord and claim these promises to live each day victoriously.
Dear reader, are you living in deep distress and depression because of the disappointments in life you are confronted with? As you go deep down into the valleys of frustration, bitterness, deprivation, loneliness, loss, pain, misery, and rejection which pull you down further, it is time to lift up your head and see the promises which are sent to you by the Lord. On each mornings in life, look through the windows of your spiritual eyes to see the glittering and glorious chariots of promises which are parked in front of your dwelling places. These chariots of promises are sent by your beloved Lord to lift you up. He is out there waiting for you to go to His storehouses and appropriate all the blessings that He has kept ready for you. There is a remedy for all your spiritual, emotional and physical needs in His presence. The answers to all your puzzles in life have been waiting for you to see. In His presence, you will find solutions to your problems and resources to enrich your sagging spirit. He has heavenly bread and water of life to revive your weak and tired spirit. He will rekindle your dim life to become brighter. He will reestablish hope in your eyes and your life. He will wipe away all your tears and hold your hands to walk with Him and become a blessing to others around. Remember, when Jacob was with Joseph, he even became a blessing to Pharaoh. Yes, dear reader, Jesus your Heavenly Joseph has warehouses which are overflowing with His goodness. These are all for you to appropriate for a satisfying life style. You no longer need to wallow in your misery, but should hop on to the wonderful chariots of the promises of God to travel to His presence to enjoy His goodness.
Psalms 136:23 – To the One who remembered us in our low estate, His love endures forever.
Thought for Today
God’s promises are His chariots to carry us into His presence to draw upon His resources to meet all our needs.
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