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Released and Unshackled

Verse for Today: Friday, December 10, 2010
Psalms 81:6 – I relieved his shoulder of the burden, his hands were freed from the basket.

God knows all about the burdens carried by His beloved children. He is compassionate to the suffering children as their hands are in the bondage of hard labour for the cruel master of this world. They are often under the bondage of flesh, world and Satan. They are lured into bondage by the enemy of their souls. Once they are under bondage, the enemy will create situations in such a way that there won’t be any easy release. But that doesn’t mean that there is no hope for them because their Lord knows their plight and He is ready to grant them release from the clutches of sin and the world. He comes down to our level and helps us get out of the bondage. First of all, it is important that we recognize our bondage as in the case of the Israelites in Egypt. When we cry unto the Lord, as the people of Israel did, He comes to our rescue. Secondly we need to confess our weakness of falling a prey to the enemy and become slaves to sin and the world. When we thus confess and ask the Lord to give us a release from the burden, the Lord will lift up the burden from our shoulders. He will unshackle our hands from the bondage of the hard labour that the world has pushed us into. We will thus enjoy freedom in the Spirit to live as unshackled people to the praise of our Lord. In order to release us from the burden of sin, He carried our burdens and infirmities and nailed them all to the cross at Calvary. In Him we have full freedom from all besetting sins and burdens. He gives us release from all the entanglements of this world, and will help us break all bondage. This simply means that we have the freedom and right to live a life without burdens. If the Lord has taken away our burden of sin, He can also remove our burdens of all sorts, with all its concern about our lives. When our burdens are lifted at Calvary, we can take adventures of faith to trust the Lord for our entire unknown tomorrows.

Dear friend, are you unnecessarily carrying any burden in your heart today? Is this burden about your day to day affairs or about your future? Is it a concern about your health or about family and children? Are you under the bondage of debt? There is need for you to go to the Lord and ask Him to help you with means to remove the bondage of all sort. Perhaps you are under the bondage of some habits or addictions. It could also be a bondage of negative thinking and pessimism. The Lord can take it all from you and give you a release if you ask Him. He never forsakes those who ask Him for help, as long as we are sincere in our requests. When we submit our lives to Him and give Him first and foremost place in all our affairs, He would take full control over our affairs and give us release from our problems and difficulties. He will give us the strength for perennial and perpetual release from bondages of all types and magnitude. He will show us how to live a victorious Christian life on a daily basis. He wants us to have a godly life, full of contentment and joy in Him. True freedom is what the Lord Jesus Christ offers us provided we are able to take Him by His word. Then we will know true freedom and resultant happiness. Then we will be ready to shoulder some burdens of the Lord which He will place on us so that we can carry it for His glory in our lives.

Psalms 55:22 – Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

Thought for Today
The Lord removes all the burdens placed on us by the enemy and entrusts us with His burdens on our shoulders.

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