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Response to groaning!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Exodus 2:24 – God heard Israelites’ groaning and He remembered His covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob.
We find comfort in the fact that our God knows all our needs and situations even before we experience it and has a plan to meet our needs in all situations. He told Jacob more than 400 years before their deliverance that He would bring his children back to Canaan. It is comforting to realize that our God knew the situation which kindled a deep desire for Jacob’s children to want to get out of Egypt. When God allowed them to experience the bitterness of slavery in Egypt, He already prepared a Passover Lamb to redeem and deliver them. But God also gave Egyptians sufficient time and opportunity to respond to Him, though they refused to acknowledge Him as God and instead tried to ill-treat God’s children all the more.  While the Israelites were under the tyranny of the Pharaoh and the bitter slavery of Egypt, God wanted them to learn the big lesson that Egypt would not give them satisfaction, peace and rest. Out of their distress, when all hope was gone, they turned to God and cried unto Him for mercy and deliverance. It was then that God responded by sending a deliverer to release them from the clutches of Egyptian slavery. He heard all their cries and knew their misery. They groaned in their sufferings and their God responded to them in mercy, compassion and grace. Our God hears the cries of all His children at all times. Our cries will never go unheard and our petitions are never unattended to. At the right time our God will answer us. He has a plan of action which is already laid down in His holy presence and He will act accordingly at the right time. But He acts when we become utterly helpless and loose all hope and are willing to take our hands off our situations. Today His ears are open to the supplications of His children who admit their helplessness and nothingness to Him and submit ourselves to His plan in our lives.
Dear reader, are you facing an utterly helpless situation in life today? Are you surrounded with sufferings of various kinds in your body and mind? Are you oppressed by your economic situation, workplace, neighborhood, family and community? Have you reached a stage of utter helplessness and found that all your efforts at finding a resolve are in futile? It is when you reach the end of your rope and realize utter helplessness that you might feel the urgency to cry unto the Lord. When all your strength wanes and drains away that you seek the help and strength of your Lord. It is at such a situation of total helplessness that faith starts to work for you. When the last resort fails, there is still hope in the Lord for a crying soul. He knows your situation and is waiting for you to seek His help in your helplessness. He has already laid down a plan for your deliverance, but He will act when you submit your situation for Him to do whatever He wants to do according to His perfect will. His solution to your situation might cause you inconveniences, displacements and discomfort. But you have to be willing to allow the hands of the Master Designer to do whatever that please Him to renew your life. Then you will see that your tears become shouts of joy and your slavery turns into freedom and liberation. Today you have the privilege to cry unto Him and He will turn it into a victory march. He will not forget all the promises He has given you and will fulfill it for your joy to abound.
Psalms 34:6 – This poor man called, and the Lord heard him; He saved him out of all is troubles.
Thought for Today
When our confession of helplessness goes up and collides with God’s all-sufficiency in the midair, it results in showers of blessings.
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