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Sympathetic touch!

Verse for Today: Sunday, February 26, 2012

Psalms 69:20b – I looked for sympathy, but there was none, for comforters, but I found none.

Down through the centuries God’s children have found that they would not get genuine sympathy or comfort in this world. When we look around for sympathy, kindness, support and true loyalty, we are often deeply disappointed. Sometimes we get a bit of pseudo sympathy or temporary comfort. Even those who express some degree of help in times of our desperation often use words of judgment and condemnation. Job’s friends used hurting words to him in times of intense anguish. When David was driven out of Jerusalem by his own son Absalom, some of his loyalists quickly looked for new opportunities under the new king rather than sympathize with him. As Paul stood trial before the Caesar, none of the believers in Rome stood with him. Even when there were 7,000 prophets who never bent their knees before Ahab and Jezebel, none of them stood with Elijah out in the open. Jeremiah was one of the loneliest persons during his time of ministry and he found opposition and condemnation from all around. When Jesus was arrested, all His beloved disciples ran away from Him. Yes, it is very difficult to find sympathy or comfort for our aching and weary hearts during times of miserable experiences. If at all we find some sympathy, it would be largely momentary and they all soon leave us one after the other. But in all such situations, our Lord comes to us with words and acts of comfort. When all others forget us, our Lord will not forsake us. In our times of distress, He sends His angel to strengthen and build us up. When we are hungry, He will send heavenly bread and water. When we are all alone, He will give us greater visions of His glory to fortify us. In times of danger, He will open our eyes to see the protection He has erected around us. When we have no one to talk to, He will come with words of comforting and encouraging answers to our anguishes. He reassures us that He will release us from our loneliness. He will make us drink from His river of delights to satisfy all our cravings for sympathy. We will enjoy His sympathy and comfort under His wings of love and safety.

Dear reader, is your heart longing for sympathy and comfort in your difficult situation today? Have you been waiting for someone to come and touch your life with a drop of kindness? Perhaps you are living in a parched ground where not even grass grows. Perhaps your desert experiences leave you with unquenchable thirst and hot sandy wind which blind your eyes and distract you from the way. But in times of distress, let us not be tempted to look around for help from the dearest and nearest. Your true and lasting source of comfort and sympathy is your Lord on whom you are able to lean on to. He holds you in His everlasting arms and protects you under His wings. His touch makes His power flow to you to help you withstand the pressures of life. His eyes look at you with sympathy, love and kindness. He comes to pour the oil of gladness on to your distressed heart for healing. He applies the wine of joy to the emotional wounds which this cruel world inflicts upon you. When others run away from you, He will stay with you all the way till you get out of the present distress. He also wants to use your present experience to strengthen you to face similar situations in the future. Under His wings you will find coolness to your weary and battered life. He will fill you with eternal words of comfort and sympathy and reassure you that even if all others forsake you, He will never leave you alone. So seek after His sympathy and understanding today. Lean on to Him to enjoy His company and fellowship as you struggle to weather away the pain and misery that this world gives you.

Psalms 36:7 – How precious is your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

Thought for Today

Our Lord sympathizes with us in our distress and touches us with His kind and comforting hands.

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