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Unchanging attitude! 
Verse for Today: Saturday, July 27, 2013
Genesis 31:2 – And Jacob noticed that Laban’s attitude towards him was not what it had been.

Experiences in life teach us that the only one who would never change attitude towards us is our Lord. At some or the other, we learn that there will be change in attitude of our dear ones towards us. We may not get true love back from those whom we love intimately. Those whom we serve often take advantage of us and then turn negative towards us. Friends rarely remain friends throughout a life time. Associates keep changing their loyalties and commitments. There are those who show pseudo affinity for selfish reasons. When we face such change in attitude from those whom we regard highly, it is possible that we get dejected and depressed. But our Lord knows the rejection and resentment that we face from those whom we love and serve. He will comfort and strengthen us to face such painful situations. He will never reject us nor will He become negative towards us. He will draw close to us and make His love more deeply felt in our hearts. He will teach us that when the whole world leaves us and forgets us, He will not forget us. He will also guide us about the future course of action in such circumstances. He will reassure us about His presence with us and take away our distress.  He will teach us not to put out trust in man, but only in Him. He will prove to us that He is the unchanging God who stands with and by us when people and circumstances change. He comes to talk to us through His Word and Spirit as others become negative towards us and fill us with His joy in spite of our circumstances.

Dear reader, are you being neglected, rejected and abandoned by those whom you served, loved and valued much? Are you able to see a sea of changes in their facial, verbal and behavioral expressions towards you? Are the attitudinal changes of those who are dear and near to you make you distressed? But your Lord will not forsake you when all others reject you. His face will be bright and shining towards you even when other faces become cloudy as a result of wrong attitude. Perhaps they have conveniently forgotten your service and commitment to them just like Laban. Some would have eschewed you like the cup bearer of the Pharaoh who forgot Joseph or Shimei who cursed David. Even your own kith and kin will not understand your commitment and loyalty as did the brothers of Joseph. Paul suffered as a result of the attitudinal change of the brethren at his Roman defense and in his lonely dungeon. Today the God of Joseph, David, Paul and Jacob will be with you in your situation to assure you that even when the whole world forgets you or change its attitude towards you, He will be your anchor and bulwark. He will in no way cast you out because you are precious to Him. He has called you out with a great purpose and will accomplish it through you no matter who is against you. When the Labans of this world reject you, the presence of the Lord is always open for you to confide in and take rest. He will wipe your tears, cheer your heart and strengthen you to keep going towards a day at a time. He will hold your hands and walk with you to new vistas of divine experiences in life. So cheer up, dear reader, and gird up your mind to take steps of faith towards the new realms which the Lord has prepared for you.

Psalms 27:10 – Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.

Thought for Today

When you experience rejection and resentment, the Lord will reveal His bright face through the clouds of your circumstances to strengthen you.

Prayer for Today

Lord! Keep my heart from distress at the wrong attitude of those around me, and help me to cheer up because of your love which encompasses around me. Amen!

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